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My trying to keep water clean to drink and use in Boukombe Hotel Benin

Outside the door to room is an area to dip shower

The blue 55 gallon tanks hold the water they haul from the wells

Eloise, a nice girl in Benin

Very Pregnant

Auberge USA in Natingou, these women are being taxed for charcoal they take to market to sell

Normal or typical, they have charcoal, they make and bring to Market or Marche

Me cooking water to shower, the big blue one is for drinking water

I have this half mosquito net method for the day, I can lay outside and not be hampered

Some items purchased by me for health. Bananas, Lemons and the vitamin B Complex

This man went to the USA worked, and returned to build the Auberge USA in Natitingou Benin Africa

Wanted her photo taken

A statue showing the grinding of Pima or Peppers, I would suppose.
In the main highway of Natitingou Benin

Soja Cookies

Good and healthy

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