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Ong Huweeri

Bookombe Ong Huweeri Benin

This is a 30 Meter? ...Well, not 40

The woman is doing a hand over hand system to collect drinking water in Boukombe Benin

Boukombe Benin has many NGO or ONG, I saw nobody working in any of them

This women is selling shots of  liquor in the Market or Marche of Boukombe Benin.
This city if the first heavy drinking or problem with alcohol village I have encountered in West Africa.

This is where the are drinking Sorghum? Maybe, I have no way of checking - Beer in front of the market.
Note I am an alcoholic I cannot drink, plus not fond of African men, not an class of person I associate with easy.
They are rude and pushy and dangerous

I would not drink with an old man here and he came an extorted 600 CFA from me. He picked up a ROCK to hit me.
I had a choice beat him, he was very old or buy him off. This is the second time violence of the level has happened
it my 10 years of travel. The other was in Mongolia.


Tata inside my Hotel in Boukombe of the Somba

She let me go in and look around, but no pictures. I did not offer money. I took these photos when she was not around.

Tata of the Somba People

Photo of bird, trying really to get the pregnant girls behind.

After the photo of the bird, this woman removed her bra and was topless,
and prepared to shower, I picked up the camera, therefore she covered herself.

I think Orphanage in Boukombe, seems to be closed. NGO ONG in Bokombe Orphelina

These two girls 18 were trying to get my cell phone number. Sara was not happy. I have went around and around with this.
I do not have a cell phone, I do not speak French good. They will not leave until I give them something. I finally give them phone in the USA.

This is what the men of West Africa do, when they are not lying around doing nothing. They play games, cards, or board games.
A very lazy culture of men in Afria or here. Benin

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