Chez Pascaline Boukombe Benin

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Deep Well in Boukombe Benin

Typical house constructions, notice it make a little fort, but the building are on the outside.
The other option is to build a fence around all the homes, but in typical manner they incorporate the home
into the fence.

Fence and home are the same


Chez Pascaline Boukombe Benin
This is a Hotel and a Restaurant, the rooms can be negotiated I think, they asked 4500 CFA

Chez Pascaline

Sara a girl from Peace Corps is trying to arrange a tour of Somba Tata Homes.
We arrange the tour, but the guide never shows up

Plants being eaten

A nice and unique little stool of Benin

Brochure of the Tour of Somba Tata in Boukombe Benin

Brochure of the Tour of Somba Tata in Boukoumbe Benin

This is a public water dispenser

Mosque in Boukombe Benin


Bigger bucket than normal

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