Benin Afrca Vegetable Seeds

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This is the path that leads away from the Auberge USA, and into the locals homes area.

Natitingou Benin

Selling bread or baguettes, then the girl would put margarine on for you.



Natitingou Benin Girl


Typical method of carrying baby, you can almost tell if they are married if they have the wrap for the baby.


They are grinding tomatoes with a gas powered motor.

I found these seed for sale in the Super Marche, it was a good sign to me.

This cost about 1.25 Dollars, I think a great give away would to buy many of these seeds and hand to the women
who are only selling the pepper. Peppers are like the everyone-sells-them-crop
To see carrots is possible here, but not common in the market.




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