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Comfort Lines Autocar in Natitingou Benin, there are two bus companies at least, that service Natitingou Benin


A telethon, funny to me, as the person that need help, normally do not have TV, however I suppose to solicit donations.
I tend to believe this is show and tell game by the NGO and ONG to make their donators believe in what works in their home countries.
I am cynical, however I see every issue is big business.

The next sign, while in a normal world advertisements are about products, the product of West Africa is often NGO


See the Satellite Dish, IF you was a tourist, I am NOT a tourist, I travel professionally, I would see dirt
dust, and problem, I am accustom to looking at things, I can see what is really here. The ground of Benin is red clay,
it is also the building material, a very common and good building material, much better than some forms of adobe.
The perception leads you to think poverty, however, the satellite dish is not poverty.

ONG and NGO Signs in Natitingou Benin

This is the stadium in Natitingou Benin

UNDP Truck or United Nations SUV-NGO-Toyota that stopped to drink at the Auberge Centrale in Natitingou Benin

The water meter box in Natitingou Benin

This is the Peace Corps office in Natitingou Benin, Richard showed me around.
The office is a long walk from the city, and difficult to get a moto taxis.
I was able to get a few books in English to read here.

I often think about immersion into cultures or how to avoid immersions, there is a guard and security here.
I am not sure if they should or should not be more immersed. I tend to believe that a good NGO or ONG or any volunteer
organization should have their offices in the center of the worst areas. This would bring up the level of living in that area
as all business avoids. On the other hand there would be a line of beggars outside the door if this was not in the richer and more remote
part of Natitingou Benin

This Hotel Kataborifa is a good option in Natitingou Benin, it is close enough to the major highway where you can
quickly walk and get a moto taxi. Cost is almost a set 100 Fran per ride for taxi, or 20 cents US.
I take great care in Africa, I am a person traveling by public transportation, the persons writing the guidebooks chose hotels
or motels where they could park and drive. They will recommend a hotel that is only good if you have a car.
I now try to get close to the Market or Marche, and close to a western type food Super Marche, so I can purchase
food to cook easy. This hotel is not close to the center, the moto taxis though are great and convenient, cheap.
Only about 20 percent of the non-in-the-center hotels have motos close. I now only look for motos before I choose a room.

Climatisees is French for Air Conditioning, I am sure this is also in a way a Boom Boom Buvette Hotel

There are grain grinding building everywhere in West Africa, I an hear the engines or motors.
They are loading in corn and making into flour

The gas engine in the back, then a pipe leading out as exhaust.

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