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The Entrance to the bar area of the Auberge Centrale in Natitingou Benin

This is three French girls here to study to be nurses. Notice the braids in their hair.
It is almost 50-70 percent of girls volunteers will socialize and get braids.
I am told it is cooler

This is cheese, it is good tasting, however very difficult to purchase to eat as there is almost zero way
to know how long the person has let it sit in the sun, plus they are more likely to give a foreigner, that will leave the bad cheese.
I think to buy and use for in a cooked food, may be ok, however to eat raw is asking for troubles.

I love cheese, I looked at this food constantly,  however, I never have purchased because it is moist, wet, not a solid hard cheese
and in my opinion milk is a great food to grow or culture bad bacteria and problems.

A normal store in Natitingou Benin

I call this "Lining them up." I find that tourist will "Line them up." and take an unnatural photo, I can tell the length of time
a person has traveled the planet by how they talk,  photograph or walk with locals.

The scarf on the neck of the girl with red will almost guarantee it is a French Girl,
every ethnic group has it identifiers and this is a French Ethnic Group identifier, the scarf.
The are not tourist, they are studying to be nurses, but in reality more like tourist than students.

The wonderful Natitingou Benin Market or Marche

I accidentally followed this women or saw where she walked from the edges of the city of Natitingou Benin
to her home in the center. The process of carrying wood from farther areas to the home is increasing as they burn all the trees of Africa.

The water collection point of Natitingou Benin - NOTE the water meters

The water children, for some reason, the always played here

Water Meter in Natitingou Benin, very common to see public water systems in West Africa and for sure Benin


I purchased this fan so I could be comfortable, the cost was 7 dollars and
saved me 3-5 dollars per day by being able to rent a cheaper room and convert to comfortable.

It is easy to get large bus from the Major city of Cotonou to Natitingou Benin or from
Cotonou to Parakou, I was not able to go from Natitingou to Parakou though. October 2006

Benin Routes Bus Service in Natitingou Benin

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