Natitingou Benin Hotel

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A Peugeot Taxin Benin, I am on the way from Djougou to Natitingou Benin by Public Transporation

My backpack or one of the two backpack in the rear stacked

This lady wanted her photo, she is probably Fon Ethnic Group

FON Ethnic, Tribe is NOT a good reference.
The cut on her face is called Scarification, it indicates the ethnic group and location
of where they live, not simple to believe or understand why or what.

The very good roads of Benin West Africa


Homes or House along the road from Djougou to Natitingou Benin


There is a new type of home in the distance, sort of a clay compound with the home now being part of the wall

The Main center roads of Natitingou Benin

This is a photo of women collecting water from a metered water spout.

There is a meter in that red box, this is the first time I have ever witness this load on head system, but is great.
Keeps the woman from having to strain to raise the water to put on head.
The man will load up all the older juice type plastic jugs and haul around.

The entrance to the Auberge Central in Natitingou Benin

Auberge Centrale in Natitingou Benin Hotel
3500 for room, however very noisy as the Mosque has an almost day long noise making process.

Girl that works in the Natitingou Benin Hotel
I am calling them Boom Boom Buvette Hotels
They all seem to have bars, and men all seem to come with their girl friends.
In South America they call these Love Hotels, as best I can tell, 90 percent of Hotels in West Africa are Love Hotels.
Then the other clients is Volunteers and NGO and ONGs, very few tourist.

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