Djougou to Natitingou Benin

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This is a game with heavy steel balls played in Benin, I often ask myself what the men do in Africa,
the answer is they play games like cards, this, and board games, drink and talk.
They often spend their time going to Mosque or other meetings.

Areeba is the name of a Cell Phone company. I am laughing, almost universal in the world, every
person says,
"Allo" or what would sound close to "Hello" when answering the telephone.
Bon Jour would be the normal greeting, or Ca Va, however to answer the phone they say. Allo

This Hotel does in Djougou Benin does not have a name on it, I can go do a lot of work... find the name.
Motel de Djougou is the name.
We would be amazed how the simplest help or common idea, names on hotel, address, telephone numbers are not used.
There is a sign in back of the Motel de Djougou Benin, I think it fell down and they never put back up.

Two Bush Taxis, you need to make a choice? If possible, choose the small one, it will load up faster
and in a way be safer. They do not normally super load the smaller ones.

I must wait before I choose or enter the taxi. I wait until I see who is leaving first, when one is loading good.
I will put my bag in the back and try to get a window seat

This is a common site in Benin, a water tower or Chateau, many small villages have this, even though the perception
of Africa is that the water is bad, often it is very good for drinking.

Benin has some amazing great roads. I do not often see this combinations.
Center Line, Side Lines, Curve Post, Hard Shoulder on the road.
I am amazed at the great quality of roads in West Africa. The states of Benin change, however the quality of major
roads is superb.


A Mosque in small village along the way from Djougou to Natitingou Benin

Why I call these Peugeot Cattle Cars, normally the fat women have more money, therefore can afford
to drive in a car, this one is going to market and packs everything onto the car or taxi in Benin.

A well, a city or village in Benin will have two type of water, the free or wells, and the public or meter.

Benin Child

I took the photo, then the old lady ask for 100 Franc. I do not pay for photo in West Africa


My backpack is the blue bag, I must continually check the packing of items in the Peugeot Group Taxis.

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