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This is a Bush Taxi or Cattle Cars as I call them, it is actually a "Group Taxi"
maybe in French they would be accurate to be called a "Taxi collectif"
The will put up to five adult in a one seat area and sometime more with children

The are putting a 55 Gallon drum in the back, they took my backpacks out and put on roof

Putting the 55-gallon barrel full of fuel or some liquid in the back of the Peugeot Station Wagon

Peugeot Station Wagon


Stopping at a village between Bassila and Djougou Benin

Cultural Signs of Respect - See how they are raising their hand together, this is a form of respect in parts of Africa

They will make Charcoal from wood, then sell in the bigger cities.
The places with large amounts of trees will convert it to charcoal, then sell probably causing desertification in the Sahel areas.

Steel Roof on Red Clay, they Steel roof is easy, it is replacing the cooler grass or thatch roofs

That small building in the middle is probably a grain storage silo

This is a woman dress suit or something, when it fully coordinated it normally means they are
richer or can be from a wealthy family. I take more care with this groups and the elitist of Africa
are the danger of Africa. IF there is a danger, not a big danger for tourist.


Benin Children Photo



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