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My two friends in Bassila Benin, they was watching me. I am sitting in the Peugeot taxi waiting for it to leave.
It will not leave until it is very very full.

Benin Children, girls will have ear rings to make sure you know they are girls.


Those sandals are the worlds biggest worn shoes, I would guess


Belly, no muscles I would guess

The electrical lines are strewn, not normal for Afrrica

The hair of Africa women does not grow long, some it does, but according to the ethnic groups


My Benin Children Models working for Free

Old man in Basilla Benin

Here we sell Condoms or Preservatives for men and women, I hope not for ducks.

There is about 5 in the middle seat and a soldier type in the middle next to me in the front of the Peugeot or Bush Taxi

I call them cattle cars, they pack us in like cattle and they do not drive through bruch or bush Benin


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