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These girls are hauling a 55 gallon barrel across the center of Bassila Benin in the pouring rain.
The cart is a typical type of West Africa and hand pulled, used in many cities


A girls leave on the taxi or moto

Large Timber used as a seat at this Moto Taxi stand

This is a toilet area, outside a home in Bassila Benin

Boy playing as the I wait for the taxi that is driving around the village of Bassila Benin trying to find
persons who want to use his taxi.

The Peugeot Bush Taxi, they do not call it Bush Taxi, it is our term.
This is a Taxi, if you get the station wagon, not so good, better a short car, it will fill up quicker.

Morning in Benin, arranging the water, cooking and leaving the home to enter their kitchen.
People in Tropical areas cook outside, they do not need or want I think inside kitchens.

This is the dense babe the taxi driver was working very hard to pick up, she was not too smart, however
big on top and sort of exotic here in Basilla, she was going to Djougou I think.

Have to stop and get a few bottle of gas before we leave, the rumor or gossip I have heard it this,
in Benin all the gas come illegally from Nigeria, that is why it is sold in bottles and not from the gas or petrol station.

Some special typical meal or breakfast food of Benin




A cute Benin Model I was photographing, she was playing with me

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