Bassila Hotel Benin

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The mother of the Hotel Chez Room or Auberge in Bassila Benin Africa

The family area in Bassila Hotel

The very attractive and very intelligent daughter. photo taken by her brother, not me.


The daughter, highly educated for Africa

She is telling me in face language to go take a hike.

Marche or Market, Benin has street signs to announce as you travel a typical market, it is funny,
very modern roads,  explanations to anyone in modern terms, what a western person continually
sees as primitive, however, in reality a market is not primitive, a very complicated way or interchange
of business between various cities. One city may have market on Tuesday and another on Sunday, thereby
a vender could hit tall the FLEA market, or the analogous, not accurate comparison. These products are needed
and generally a flea market sells extras.


ONG the ONG Organisation Non Gouvernementale or NGO in French Language, and
pretty much says to access the hygiene by volunteers. A volunteer in a ONG or NGO is paid often an
ton of money as salary.

This is a circle in the center of the village of Bassila Benin, circles are common in West Africa for traffic
control and make sense as nobody would ever obey or stop at a signal or stop sign.

SIDA is the French and Spanish Acronym for AIDS in English, the French, Spanish equivalent

This is GREAT, a water meter, in a small African Village in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the planet.
This is the first step to having perfect water, and very advanced and ahead by a long shot above India, Asia
and Central and South America and Mexico.

This is the four post type of Mosquito Net holder for a bed,
I need to tuck in the mosquito net or they will come inside with me.
This is in the Bassila Hotel or Auberge in Benin

It was raining the morning as I was leaving, I used my backpack covers in the bottom of the
bags I made for myself. I now know the good and bad of these covers so I can redisign

I am amiss, Africa has a lot of rain, but they do not have many umbrellas, not normal for the poorer wet countries,
I think China is falling in many ways to sell to Africa.

Waiting, these Moto Taxi drivers wanted me to take a photo and sent to them, how does one explain
this is very difficult, complicated and a never ending difficult task, I do not do for my best friends,
and to do for a person under a rain protection I met for two minutes is off the wall and not on the meter.

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