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These are photos of the trip between Savalou Benin and Bassila Benin


We stopped continually at village to pick up or unload people from the Peugeot Station Wagon

Stirring food or cooking a long way away from the car.

Islamic Mosque

Mother with Child, the man to right is studying at a Christian Seminary


I recommend you avoid this religious person with color matching clothes

The Chauffer or Driver of the Peugeot Taxi

Religious people can be zealots, a zealot can be dangerous.
Better to deal with an obvious criminal than a person selling themselves as good.
Good people do not need to sell the idea.

A military or police check point in Benin. The taxi took them a bag of Baguettes or bread

He gave this bag to the next stop where there is an entrance or road leading to Togo

That gate is the stop, these gates are extremely common, a way for the government to extract money.
It does not mean the road is good, at the entering or leaving of cities is normal.

African Cassava or Manioc a staple food of Africa Benin


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