Savalou Benin Public Water

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 Savalou Benin Public Water Meters - This is extremely rare for developing countries to be so organized.
This is a small city

Children wanting their photos taken. NEVER give them money, it make people into BEGGARS.

This system is a West Africa water pump system. I have seen the same pump in my countries.
 Savalou Benin

See the log or shaved off pieces of logs used.  Savalou Benin

Mosquito Net in Hotel in  Savalou Benin Musso

Water in  Savalou Benin before settles. This is not bad water.

The huge dip tank for showers before settles

After  in Savalou Benin


This is a big program or a groups of major money contributor tying to encourage school

Toutes Les Filles a lecole - All the Children in School


USAID give money to sub-NGO and this is terrible, the NGO line up for money from USaid


NGO or ONG in  Savalou Benin

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