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This is a Moto or a Moto-Taxi, sometimes called a Zim
This is the bigger version. Get this one if you have a big backpack and when the bottom of your
backpack sits, it will rest on the rack.

This one is ok for shoter rides.

The cow in the Cattle Car near Dassa-Zoume Benin

The main highways of Benin are some of the best on the planet or world. - Near Dassa-Zoume

This road has a hard shoulder, a right stripe, children crossing signs, and concrete kilometer markers.
The main roads of Benin and most of West Africa are great.


Some unknown tree in Benin

The cow again, the driver tried to push me for more money when I arrived.
I always try to have lots of change and give them the first price.
I never pay for the bag fee they want to collect.


Nice shirt, very difficult to buy, if you want shirts in Benin, or Ghana go to the bigger cities or have them made.

The small mountains, I guess maybe 500 Meters

Savalou Benin

Every Taxi takes me here. the cost is 5000 CFA per night and is ok.

Hotel Le Musso in Savalou Benin

 Savalou Benin - Typical off the main road or side road in Africa or Benin

The hills here are nice and the only place where there seems to be any hills in Benin.
Most of West Africa is very flat, this is nicer, but rare.  Savalou Benin

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