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Bread is a typical breakfast of meal in some places. The French have Baguettes and the Anglophone
have T Bread. In front of the Hotel Dako in Bohicon, I ate from this lady. The prize anywhere seems
to be from 75 to 150 Francs so cheap
She will put Margarine or Mayonaisse on the bread. Take care that they are using a lot of Mayo or
Margarine before you have them spread.

This lady is great and WANTs to practice her English

The Peugeot Station Wagon Taxi - A group taxi and amazing how many people the can put inside.
The rule of thumb on price would be 1000-1500 CFA per 50 Kilomters.
They guides call this Bush Taxi, I have NEVER heard a local call it a Bush Taxi.
They call it Taxi


A small Peugeot will fill up quicker. You should not choose until you see if full.
I went to Savalou from Bohicon or Abomey

The train tracks of Bohicon, along here is the Taxis. Note, in two days I did not see one train.

This is a major trade, goods, or semi, lorry route from the South Cotonou to the north and maybe into Niger

There is a lot of rock outcropping near Dassa-Zoume
The guide says or pushes Dassa-Zoume, however the taxi was going to Savalou, so I went there.
The is a slow internet connection in Savalou

This I think is Farihna, or flour, it sold and I think made from corn, however hard to say



This is the ludicrous nature of business in developing countries. In this city, Dassa-Zoume or on the way to Dassa-Zoume
the popular business is Farihna, therefore everyone is selling Flour.
It is crazy, these are all separate people. The world needs Micro Entrepreurs and not money.

Round Rocks a more or less river rock in Dassa-Zoume


Rocks Dassa-Zoume

This is the reason, I nickname these Cattle Cars. This big fat lady, a total snob, sleeps, eats and does nothing.
she is in a complete outfit from top to bottom that is color coordinated. The type of stereotype or elitist
attitude I avoid.  I keep here sitting on the mound of the Peugeot and she was FAT.

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