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This is in the Dako Bohicon Hotel Benin, the pointed breast wooden statues is about a sure sign you are
in a tourist area. The Dako is a good choice, if you want there is Moto Taxis or Zims that sit in front.

It has a Piscine of Swimming pool, parking, I think the price is 8000 per night CFA
Get a room away from the desk, so you cannot here them. This is a Motel, most rooms in Africa are Motels

Typical Tourist Statue in front of the Dako Hotel in Bohicon, Benin

Hotel Dako

Entrance to the Motel Hotel Dako - Be careful in Africa, if you do not have a car, you NEED to find a Hotel with Motos Close

Some signs entering Bohicon showing how to nurse a baby in Benin

PAPME and PADME - Microfinance in Benin seems to be big, now if they can work on good Ideas

Food Pounders, I am not sure the food they pound inside

Benin Girls in front of Dako Hotel in the Abomey Bohicon area of Benin

All these people asked for Cadeau or Gift. If they are asking, there is PLENTY of tourist that have came by.
The Abomey Bohicon Twin cities is a Tourist Area, full of Motels and easy to enter bars or Buvettes
not in my view interesting, however there is a comfort for travelers and tourist in being surrounded.

There are circles in the road or roundabouts that have statues as you enter or leave a city.
This is one in Bohicon, close to the Dako Hotel

A Catholic Nunn in the market area of Bohicon Benin

This hat is not normal, I see one now and again, but fun to see, and the sun is hot


Abomey or Dahomey Emblems des Rois
Abomey is the center of the old Dahomey Ethnic groups or people.

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