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Benin Girl, but not Fon

Very large animal traps in the Cove Market or March in Cove Benin

West Africa make iron or steel tools. These are for farming mostly.

The unknown type of plant vegetation, looks like coconut, I am not sure what it is for, I suspect for cooking.

The market in Cove Benin

Plastic containers are sold, some are for carrying water from well to home.
The normal thing to carry water is a very large round type aluminum or steel tub.

A family selling clay pots or pottery.

This is a very large type clay pot. In older home, and I think before there was a good supply of water.
These pots were outside the door, they can be two or three times larger than this.
The pot holds water, and keeps cooler and from evaporation. There are like a reservoir for the home
until they gather water from the common well again.
Like a cistern on top of the ground

The family all excited to have me take photos. Cove does not have tourist, therefore they did not ask for money.

Clay cooking stoves. They put charcoal or wood in the small opening on the side.
Air is needed for a charcoal of wood fire, the hole and entrances are to refuel the fire and to provide air.
A pot or skillet made to fit on this is used, a one size pot maybe system.

Water Bags for the wells being sold, they are made from old inner tubes sown together. Cove Benin
Se the sling shots on the side, the long straps are sold to pull the water from the bottom or well.
Note, you want a light bucket for weight, but it must sink easy also.

Selling Salt and walking in the market

Caskets are a big item in Benin, Ghana, etc, There is lot of wood, or was a lot of wood.
The lumber industry has stripped most, and now they burn most for cooking.
However, they make lot of Caskets and Furniture.

This is a food processor area. They will puree or grind Tomatoes, Onions and Pima or Peppers.

This is Pricilla in the Provincial Hotel in Cove Benin

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