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This is the Market in Cove Benin, a very good and very typical market.

These are like Mobile Electrical and small gadget stores. I purchased a light for the room and
a one cup coffee or water heater at one of these. Most all the countries have this.

This is the compound construction method of laying out lots in modern areas of 80 percent of the planet.
In the developing world or 80 percent of the planet, they have fences or walls.
In a modern type lot, the fence is built, and they build a home in the middle.

This lot is empty, but the door or gate for a car and to walk or enter is ready to go.

Notice there is NOT broken bottles inserted in the top of wall, this means the area is safer.
In an area that is very bad or has a lot or robbery there will be the razor
edged barb wire on the top of these walls and they will be higher.

A lot ready, developed and they will build inside

Angel from the Hotel in Cove

Hotel Cite Du Boneur Chambres Climatisees.
They have Air Conditioned rooms, it advertises. Cove has I think 2-3 Hotels or Auberges. A nice small village.

This lady, I belief Islamic is cooking a bean type fried round thing, it is good.

Fried Bean Food of Cove Benin

Islamic Girls with Family

Not a common site in Cove Benin, this lady has tattoos on face and has longer hair.

Africa has trouble growing long hair. Only some tribes or ethnic groups grow long hair easy.
They add extension because of this.

I do not know the ethnic group, I am pretty sure she is NOT Fon Benin Africa


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