Cove Benin Hotel

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This is the Wardrobe or Dresser in Hotel Le Provincial in Cove Benin

The hotel is nice, however as always, there are never any hangers. This one is lucky it has some shelves.
West Africa makes a lot of furniture, therefore common to have good sets of tables or places for clothes,
I can almost count on my hands the number of hangers given in Hotel. A person who wants should carry.
If I live in for a long time, I may purchase.

Balcon in Hotel Le Provincial in Cove Benin

Bar at night is full of men

Benin Girl her name is Angel

I would call this place a Motel, it is not far from city, but was made for cars. A little hard to get Zims or Motorcycle Taxis.

Hotel Le Provincial in Cove Benin cost is about 5-10,000 CFA

Priscilla in Hotel

Hotel Le Provincial in Cove Benin


This is a neighbor, look on top of building and you will see Satellite Dish here in Benin

 Satellite Dish here in Benin

The girls in front of the Marche or Market cooking Benets or Gallets


She uses a banana leaf or some type of leave for a plate or wrapper.
Banana leaves are a common plate in the world

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