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Peugeot Truck between Pobe to Cove Benin

I am almost to Cove Pobe, we stopped and many people left at a large
Marche or Market one stop before Cove Benin coming from Pobe.


Peugeot Truck loaded or maybe called a Bush Taxi in Benin West Africa

Peugeot Truck Inside photo view

This well or water pump is a common design for West Africa, I have seen in many countries.
This one in Benin is a central pump, people will come and collect water to take to their homes.

This is the sale of Petro or Gas in Benin, the big bottle will be use
and they will siphon into the vehicle or into quart bottles

This is a future toll gate, as you enter or leave cities in the world, the government puts up toll gates.
Maybe a way to collect taxes that are otherwise impossible to collect. Also sign of corruption.

Going across a larger river between Pobe and Cove Benin. Benin has a lot of water in the lower 2/3 of country
and really adequate for the whole country.

Bridge in Benin

This is what I call the Uniform

The roads in Benin or the main roads are exceptionally good.
The right set of lines is very unusual and to have a shoulder is exceptional.
The country if flat and easy for road, but only the main road are asphalt, the side roads
and streets of cities will normally be a clay or sometimes sand.

Clay or Adobe type huts with Grass roofs in Benin Africa

Larger Tree

Zangnanado Benin, I was trying to go to this city, however, discovered it was small and the best
city before Bohicon was Cove Benin

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