Cotonou Benin Hotel

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Hotels in Africa can be extremely modern. This is a power off light, it comes on when the electricity goes off.
A very nice feature, and totally not expected in one of the poorest countries on planet. 6500 CFA for room in Crillon

Smog, in Cotonou Benin, I think the gas has too much oil in it

This bank has an ATM Societe General De Banque Au Benin


I am trashing these books I purchased to study French. I do not use because nobody can read, therefore to do the
what is this word game here in Africa with the locals does not work.

I use a Systran Translation program on my computer to translate. 100 times faster.

The Roughguide French is good for helping to learn pronuciation.

This is wood scaffolding in Cotonou Benin

A TOLL road... Like Robin Hood,  leaving and entering, the government collect money for nothing.


Look at the scales, they really do care about the roads, the weight of trucks are weighed before they get on the roads.


Farm or no Farm land. There are foods being grown here.


Gas Station in Benin, notice the huge bottles to siphon from



CARPETS - First I have seen, not sure what is up with them. Benin



Rain as I enter the city of Porto Novo and taking a Taxi to Capitale Hotel Benin

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