Ouidah Benin Photos

Ouidah Benin Photos Photos    Ouidah Benin Photos Pictures
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Not a Taxi, however fun in Ouidah Benin

Africa Child playing happily

This guy was a great guy, good sales of Bread with Margarine for 100 CFA, maybe 150

Farm Land in Benin West Africa

Scarecrow in Benin

Interesting building inside or on a tower in Ouidah Benin

This is a tooth scraper, works good, Used every morning in many parts of West Africa


Hotel Rates to live on beach at PAPA. I arrived at 8:00 in morning, The place was empty, nobody.
Not many reasons to live here, impossible distance from Ouidah, Togo unless you want to avoid African people, then perfect.

I think these places have high seasons, they always are empty. Gran Popo was Empty in Benin also


Papa Hotel in Quidah Benin


The door of Return in Quidah

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