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Cost of Food in Aneho Togo
Electric Cooker I probably overpaid at 4000 or about 8 Dollar, normal is 3-5 Dollar for world
Left bag is Rice, 200 CFA Maggie Bullion is 3 for 100 - Popcorn is 100 and the Peas of Petite Poise is 450 per can
I could not find the Red Kidney Bean here, they had white but a huge can, not a small.

From a book

This is a very accurate body stature, the face is terrible. In the Panff Hotel in Ouidah Benin
The pouchy belly, wide hips.

Panff Hotel in Ouidah Benin

Panff Hotel in Ouidah Benin


A new type of Vehicle for me. A Trike Motorcycle, it was not a Taxi

Panff Hotel in Ouidah Benin

Mercedes Benz. I think all hotels in Africa has couple inside

Cooking with Candles.

Cleaning my Lemons

Farm Land in Benin or Ouidah Benin

Water Towers always make me happy. Sign of development and clean water for people. Africa is good for clean
water, much better than most of the planet, or at least the countries I have visited.



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