Togoville Voodoo

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Eckankar Togo, all of West Africa seems to be a big Eckankar center.

Leads to lake in Togoville Togo

Loud Speakers, always a loud speaker, my nemesis on the planet.

Common way of the world to make Cement, with shovel and mix on ground

A Voodoo Statue in Togoville Togo



This building where the statue is located. You are supposed to throw
money inside. I do not donate to other religions than my own.

Hotel Togoville Togo Hotel Nachtigal
12-15 Dollars per plate, one of the most expensive values on the planet.

Hotel Togoville Togo Hotel Nachtigal
This guy is German and sort of arrange a treaty with Togo

Everything here cost 100 Franc, Three Bullions for 100, 4 peanuts for 100 VivaCafe
for 100 Peppers, for 100 Gumbo or Okra for 100 and 2 of the Chocomilks for 100

The Drugstore, Chemist of Pharmacy in Togoville Togo

Medicine, these are NOT tribal, I have not found tribal, I find herbs.

Grinder of grains, very common and I can always hear them. Togoville Togo

Statue in Togoville

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