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This is a Movie Theatre in Togoville

I would have went and watch one of the movies, except all in French

Foosball very popular in West Africa

Voodoo this is suppose to be a Voodoo building, I was walking with a girl and she refused to go near it.

Food or root food, I forget


Okra grown in most of Africa

Sugar, also grown here.

3 Bullion for 100 CFA or about 20 Cents U.S.

Tomatoes for 100 CFA of 20 Cents U.S.

Do not know what this is

Do not know what this is.

NGO Sign or almost NGO sign

Fondation, I think a Dutch name, there is a Health Station in Togoville

Hlksaktion Togo Togoville.

Many times an NGO will have signs posted in the language of the money they wish to collect.
For example, say this is a Dutch one, I am not sure. The Dutch persons need to see that the building exist or proof of NGO.
I did not figure out if it was functioning, but normal also to put a Foundation or NGO in a big tourist area.
Marketing or getting donations is easier, however not in the correct location often of need, can be a center though.


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