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Catholic Church in Togoville Togo. A funny juxtaposition of voodoo and church

The line in the middle is open like sewer used in the whole world, it leads to lake, however diverts.
The hard items dry and they will clean maybe

Inside the church in Togoville Togo

The long or deep well. The distance is long because togoville is on a hill next to the lake

Pulling water in a common well in Togoville Togo

A small goods pulling cart

Togoville Market

This is EXCELLENT, a French type cleaning rag, dries fast and is abrasive enough to take dead skin cells off body.
I now will always use in my backpack

The graves of Togoville Togo

The Water Tank in the Hotel, they pump it up, then it is gravity fed down to rooms.

Small clay brick building in Togoville

The open sewer of Togoville Togo, leading to the lake.

The lake in front of Togoville



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