Togoville Togo Market

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Togoville Marche or Togoville Market Togo

I really like this goods cart, like a small pull taxi.

The tie these beads around the women waist, it may be used to also hold a long cloth while mentruation

 I was laughing, Africa is sometimes so much better equipped than other places.
They provide better electricity, toilets, water, and sewer than most of the world.

Handmade tools made in Africa or Togo

Market area of Togoville Togo, I was looking for Voodoo, this market is on Wednesday

Pima or Hot Peppers sold everywhere, the bundle cost 20 cents US or 100 Francs CFA
Too hot to eat if you just wanted to munch one.

A second type of common Pepper in Togoville Togo

Goats just wander around, I can never determine ownership

Togoville Market

A common well of the village of Togoville, they carry water to home sometimes, not always.


Catholic Church, very beautiful layout facing the lake in Togoville Togo, a place know for Voodoo

Catholic Church


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