Lome Togo Home Photos

Lome Togo Home Photos Photos    Lome Togo Home Photos Pictures
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A typical mult-room home style in West African CITY,  Well in the middle.

This well is surrounded by man small rooms. The kitchen is outside, this is tropical.
The need for a kitchen is minimal, the only needed room is a bedroom.

Fat women like the one leaning is very common

Drying clothes in Lome Togo


The girl has on just her bra. The idea of clothes or covering the body in the world in a home
is different than walking down the street. She will dress up, walk pretty to be on the street
that is for fashion or style, in the home is to be comfortable.

Inside one the rooms, many things Lome Togo

This hair is not real, it is extension, very few women have hair longer than four inches in Togo

Charcoal for cooking

A purchase cooker, that is used with charcoal.



Privacy wall of sorts

Cleaning or bathing

This home of the normal Lome Togo family is in the shadows of a very nice apartment building.

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