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I had problem finding a Hotplate in Africa, therefore I cook a can of corn by
floating the can in the bottom of a plastic gas can I use for dip showers.

This is pretty good way, not efficient, and slowly destroys the seams of the gas can or juice can bucket.

Girl from Lome Togo with a Brazil Shirt on

The all love their photos taken, this one exceptionally pretty.

Brazil, I felt sad for here, she sat on a sachet or bag of water

This is on the outskirts of Lome Togo, like a shanty town made of palm type leaves.

Black Plastic roof, annoyingly this is much easier to use, therefore the home styles are becoming
made of plastic, some totally made of plastic. The homes are practical, not made to be pretty.

Unknown fruit growing next to the Al Mahata Chicken Restaurant in Lome Togo

A big danger in these countries, look at the legs of the girls, they often will have big scars from either
falling into one of these holes or a Moto or Motocycle accident.
This was in front of the Place D Independence statue below, not a bad neighborhood.

Statue in Lome


A boy sleeping under the concrete bench. Note the concrete bench is a very developed item, not an underdeveloped.

Nice tree lines in this area, not normal

Ibis Hotel in Lome Togo, appears to be one of the better ones and in a great location


Building or Architecture in Lome Togo

Two small boys in front of the building I was photographing.

The salute, I am not sure why

A Tuk Tuk, similar, however, not the same as the Thailand ones or India ones.
 I have seen maybe five of them in Africa now.

The Universal sign of Hotels. We decline responsibility for items stolen.

Brand Names of producers of Can Vegetables in Togo

A well with a bucket made of inner tubes, sown at seams. This is close to ocean, therefore the pull
distance if from the ground to the top of the ocean level.

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