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I find this nice older French Colonial building on the way back to the Galion Hotel. The balcony is what makes me think it is French.

Plus the French I think were the number on users of Togo

We walk across the street from the Frenchie building, and they are fishing with a large net.
I have a hard time understanding how they are all deciding to pull the net in together.
Working together is a foreign idea, maybe German or English, not a concept I see in Africa.

I went over to take a close up photo of the fishing in Lome Togo


One of the guys in the middle starts hollering and threatening. Normal sort of jerk behavior in France.
The girls walks over and talks, she does not seem to believe the could be mean.

I try to say something like Mal Spiritu, or Bad Spirit, I only know how to speak Spanish, but close to French.

Earlier in the market about 500 men were walking in a path or group towards somewhere.
She wanted to walk with them towards another part of the market. I started, then realized they was intent
on going somewhere, that had nothing to do with me.
Bottom line is this, when I am in any country and big line of men goes by, without happy faces.
Looking like a protest, I walk the other way. She is Benin, she thinks the world is safe for me,
I was walking in Tokoradi with a local girl and a man came up and threatened the girls, saying "Give me money."
I am trying my best to protect the girl, she just does not know or believe her people can be this way.

Fishing with nets in front of the main beach in Lome Togo
I have yet to see one person laying in the sun on this beach, it is a desert beach for white people, lot of vendors, nobody to buy.

She stops here, I guess it is her home, she says she pay 10 Thousand or 20 Dollars U.S. per month.
I pay about 8 for one night in the Galion and that is 4 more than is a good world price for the room.

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