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This is an Islamic Restaurant, you can tell by the hand washing sink, they always seem to
have this sink to wash your or their hands.
Al Mahata Restaurant in Lome Togo

I think get hoodwinked into a trip to the Marche or Market, I do speak French, she cannot read.
I cannot even tell her to leave politely, I am just along for the French frustrations.

The Market
If a girl wants you to go to the Market, it not for me, it is for her. She wanted me to buy something.
I proceeded to really make a few of the vendors angry, and her by refusing to buy a cane for 20-30 U.S. Dollars.
I offered 4 and they acted like I was crazy. I wanted to pay 4, I do not care.
I am talking about a walking cane, made out of some nice wood. I wanted it so I could club them over the head
with it for protection, I almost got clubbed when I told the guy to get out of here.

When walking with a native girl, the vender know. we have a sap. A person who wishes to impress the lady.
I could care less, in fact, I almost took a taxi back and dumped the girl there a the market.
She was nice, but I have no desire to repeat or have reruns of an experience I have had.
100 times.
Girls love to try to put you in some Love extortion, like if you buy this, and this, you will be nice man.
I think if you was nice, you would not do this.


She is 20 years old, from Benin, wanted to buy a mouse next, maybe better to say Rat.
We walked down to the beach, she is for sure wanting many photos taken.

Skinny for Africa, then they blossom.


She has some really pretty lips, I am trying to remember the word in French. The hair is natural.
About 50 percent of the girls have mesh or extension, if longer than this, then extension added.



I am trying to work my way back towards the Hotel, she is trying to find places for me to purchase things.

Palm Beach Hotel in Lome Togo

She finds this white Rat to buy. It is 10 dollars for 3, I guess, not that I care, I am not buying a Rat.

Ok, the first 5 minutes of Broken French conversation goes like this, will you go to Benin, CouTon.
I think CouTon is the city in Benin, I am not sure, she say later, she wants 100 Thousand Francs for School.
That is about 200 U.S. Dollars, these girls are delusion about the USA, they really believe we are
extraordinarily rich, or maybe the drunk French Smoking men will pay anything, they are extraordinarily ugly.


So I am supposed go with her to Benin, according to her. According to me, I am going north in Togo and leaving her.
She is nice, my afternoon friend, I have no idea what she does at night, think I do not want to know.

Rats, not a good pet, would die on the way to Benin, sold in Lome Togo close to the Air Moroc office.

Good photo, check out the lips on this girl.

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