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Togo Benin Girl Lunch Photos    Togo Benin Girl Lunch Pictures    Travel Newsletter  201

I want to go eat, I have this Girl from Togo who keeps wanting to talk to me, I think, oh why not.
I will take her to this Mahata Lebanese Broiled Chicken place. I went there the other night a with the Swedish guy.
Al Mahata Restaurant Lome Togo

We walk over to this main blvd that is just two blocks away from the Galion Hotel where I am staying.
I take a photo of a couple men pissing on the wall, any wall will do, even on the busy street.

This is a good restaurant, not sure the price is always the same, seems to change with the mans whim.

Notice the Mercedes Benz here, more in Togo than in the USA, or the ratio is a lot higher than Indiana where I live.

Al Mahata 150 Franc or the Togo money on a Moto or Motorcycle Taxi from the Galion Hotel.
It is always nice when I learn the price the taxi, and can speak enough French to get me there.

It as 300 Franc for two, she has her own, this is about 50 Cents U.S. for the trip one-way.


The say girls must wear earrings, so you can tell them from boys.

We went up top of the restaurant, the girl, Carol jumped up and spilled the Coca Cola.
I put a napkin on the spot of Coke, she picks it up, and throws it over edge of the wall.
It lands on the building next door.

Now, every got upset when I wrote a tip in a letter, saying that after you carry trash for 100-200 meters, drop it on the ground.
The girl give it a heave out the window of the restaurant, and lands on the roof.

Note in Newsletter 200, I am saying on the ugly things on the planet is corrugated steel roof.
Ironic I take this photo.

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