Swedish Guy American Girl in Togo

Swedish Guy American Girl in Togo Photos    Swedish Guy American Girl in Togo Pictures
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Toyota Land Cruiser

Air Moroc, Lome is a good Airport to enter and leave Africa


Swedish Bike rider, the first tourist I have met in one month of travel in West Africa

planting trees in Niger

planting trees in Niger.

Peace Corps in Lome Togo

After a rain, typical street outside the Galion Hotel in Lome Togo

food stands

Drying clothes in Hotel, laundry is done by me, as they seem to all have problems with this in West Africa

American International School. That does not mean there is Americans in the school. A world trend

Texaco a Venezuela company I believe

Rue or Streets of Loma, the side street.

coal of charcoalf for sale

They cook with Charcoal as normal

child in Lome Togo


Galion Hotel, my room in on top floor

next door they are working on furniture


Vespa Italian Scooter, and everywhere in Togo

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