Car Accident Ghana

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Water or Well in Akatsi Ghana

The van hit another van and tore the door off, I started laughing, then stopped.
The way they drive, they deserve this.

Cars are very very very dangerous in the world. The NGO just overlook, but they cause more deaths, problems than AIDs.
It is the killer, not the other things, AIDS is like Killers Bees, I am still waiting.

The put it back on


A lottery Kiosk in Ghana, a way to collect taxes... hehehe

Areeba, thanks for putting up signs, telling me where I am.


Pameko Hotel in Aflao Ghana on the Border

Pameko Hotel in Aflao Ghana on the Border

Prince Hotel, too close to road

Aflao Ghana, border town

About three dollars per gallon?



Internet in Aflao Ghana on the border

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