Cape Coast Beach

Cape Coast Beach Photos    Cape Coast Beach Pictures    Travel Newsletter  201

Cape Coast Castle or Fort in Ghana

The boy is pizzing

They should name this Cape Coast Shitting Beach

The pigs on beach, note the whole world, 80 percent goes to the ocean to use as toilet, normal in India, most countries

A person changing clothes, he is crippled. The crippled of the world need help, the orphans have legs and arms.

Making concrete, I hope not with Salt Water, the first Earthquake and boom

The obnoxious soldiers in Ghana in Cape Coast at 6 in the morning making a large noise.
caring is a problem in the world, not money, until people respect they share the planet, it does not improve.
Lucky the planet it too busy with MTV and TV to want to kill or other things.

A common product in Ghana, Heinz Bake Beans, the pull open top should be a world standard.

Milo is everywhere, Vitamins?


The oven

A clacker noise maker in Ghana


Apama ocean or bay in Apam Ghana

Topless girls down below... hehehe, not the young ones, some real old ones.

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