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Cape Coast Ghana

Micro Finance, the buzzword of the world NGO, and I think the use of Scheme is appropriate

This is the Cape Coast Ghana restaurant and an annoying place to me, nothing to do with Ghana Culture.
Go to Ghana, then avoid the culture, that is tourism, although the only people in there are volunteers, paid to be volunteers.


The wood working in Ghana is great, but the prices are double the cost of any such work world wide.
Prices seem to be out of wholesale range to export.

Nigeria is the copying person of really crap made movies. Only one in 5 works

Look at the word Original and then think, do they speak and write English,
is this an English country, my answer is No, it is  a Fanti country.

Original amazing the number of mispelled signs on plannet.
I can fix this sentence, it is not totally permanent, a sign is important.
I am not selling anything here, they are.

Children taking dip showers in the street

Advertisement against drugs in Ghana I belive

This nut was just lying in the street, I take photos of drunks or crazy, the country of Ghana is responsible


I bought some Vitamins in Ghana


Where the vitamins were made in Ghana

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