Shama Ghana Sewer

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Fort Sabastian built by the Portuguese about 1500 in Shama Ghana - Seems to be built on stone

Looking for the exit leading to the bay on the outside for the door of no return.

Children of Shama Ghana

The bedrock the fort is built on

These are large smoking or drying ovens for the fish, there is no real refrigeration,
therefore all fish is dried, or sits until eaten.
I am very afraid of food, much more than water.  They keep fresh fish on the shelf until they make money.
Not until it should be thrown away.

The sewer leading to the ocean in Shama Ghana


Foosball is big in West Africa

Rooster, the annoying animal of the world. The alarm clock that does not know how to keep time.
A rooster or dog can make a noise all night

Interesting wood cabinet, built for a specific need or use, but hard to acccess.

The Anoe is the Address of Home that a person would probably common know.
The S / 184/3 is a label given probably for taxes.
Shama has an overbearing chief type government, he has stop work signs on the whole village.
Collection of money is the worlds government, not to provide service, they supply service only when

A great explanation of how a clay stove or burner is made, and kept

Ghana Children in Shama


These children are hollering Abroni or White Man White Man

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