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Fort Sabastian built by the Portuguese about 1500.
The British the French and the Dutch would all then fight over forts.

This is a Guesthouse in Shama, I do not know the price, it was off the main road and too far to be simply safe.
D & A Guest House in Shama - Bed and Breakfast,

The road in front of the Guesthouse in Shama or Hotel

White House, in Ghana they seem to name the home, this is then the address of the property, they do this in the Caribbean also

This is a clay oven in Shama Ghana

To discover how they use, or have them explain is almost an art form. Every culture I have ever encountered wants
to explain what is modern, not what is cultural or primitive. I do not think they are ashamed, it is the think why learn
about something that is obsolete and they really do no want. The oven though is not obsolete, the cooking stoves
in the whole world is being replace by propane.


French Colony, Ghana is not a French Colony, but the French Colonies have bread or baguettes.
Even though maybe they say French or British or Dutch, German Colonies. It is not true.
Borders are not simple, the predominant culture of the area or influence is more important.

A Mosque at the Shama Junction. to go to Shama, you go to Shama Junction, then go by taxi for 1000 Cedi to Shama

Food Market at Shama Junction in Ghana

D & A Guest House in Shama - Bed and Breakfast,

Near the Shama Junction, a small walk is a great dump, the big garbage birds.

I think a vulture, but I do not know for sure, and the locals would know less
than a foreigner, however would have a fanti name for it.
Birds, Goats, Cows, Sheep eat trash, if all trash could be eaten, the world would be cleaner.

This is the trash, rubbish or what not of Shama Ghana

Hmm, is this a Vulture? The bids of Ghana are huge, a very big bird country, the birds are BIG

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