Shama Ghana Beach

Shama Ghana Beach Photos    Shama Ghana Beach Pictures    Travel Newsletter  201

This is in Shama Ghana, notice that both signs are referring to the Christina God,
80 percent of signs seem to do this in Ghana.

In Shama for 2000 CEDI and probably double the correct price they sold me this Gallet, or Benet like
in Cote d'Ivoire or Ivory Coast. It is a sweet donut thing. The pot sits on three clay protrusions.

A clay made burner for wood or charcoal.

This is a 3000 CEDI bus that come often from Tokoraid to Shama and back, this is the center circle directly
in front of the Portuguese fort in Shama.

Raw sewer and I believe human waste goes from the hills of Shama weaves it way all the way to the ocean.
Shama Ghana

This girl is carrying toothpicks, or the equivalent in Ghana

Toothpick Materials to clean teeth

The use this to clean their teeth, primitive method, like in India

This man wanted his photo taken

This is the coast to the north of the Fort in Shama. I think the boats and culture to the right of this photo
was worth exploring, however I was too late in my awareness and need to continue on to the next city.

On the point or corner is of the cape here in Shama is this building

The beach in front of the Fort. There is a door on the other beach off the fort, the man said was
the exit of no return. This is a different beach than in Front. IF the manager of the fort is correct
then the principal beach for boats was to the north or right of the fort as you look a the front.

Boat and curious girl who just stopped to look and never stopped looking.

The Fort Sabastian built by the Portuguese about 1500 or something in Shama Ghana.

Children want their photos taken in Shama. I suspect the girl on the right is Islamic, but not postive.

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