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As a few of you have realized, I am having an identity crisis.

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”
- Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)
The Importance of Being Earnest and the New York Times online were using excerpts of my travel writing in their travel news sections. is the first or second biggest site on the Planet, according to how you want to argue with over the issue.

I am flattered, frustrated and confused, however I keep thinking to myself, just another example of how sad journalism has become on planet earth.

If a person wants to pick up my person travel writing and call it “Travel News,” I think they are truly confused.

Awasa, Ethiopia
Three to Four Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Monday, March 23, 2009
Daily Travel Journal , -

I was getting serious traffic from Travel News; maybe 50-100 people per day visited my site.

I am on as one of the Top Five Travel Journal, and I get less than one click through per month, there is almost zero traffic coming from the site.

- RSS is an acronym for Real Simple Syndication.

I have enjoyed reading comment when I notified readers I was stopping the RSS feed. However, I doubt they knew how seriously I considered whether this was a good or bad idea. I disrupted maybe one hundred sites by stopping the RSS feed.

I stopped 100 plus sites from using my content for free…. hehehe

However, Travel News is a great example of why I have stopped the RSS feeds. When the site discovered I was no longer in Central and South America, and in Africa, they stopped using the excerpts.

RSS is an acronym for Real Simple Syndication; however, the word Syndication implies I will be paid.

I remember the first time I learned about RSS Feeds, my first thought was,
“Great, free content, I will not have to write as much, I can use their content and infer that it is mine.”

That thought last a day, not a couple of moment, I think it lasted at least the whole day, then I decided the whole idea was greedy, just me wanting money for nothing.

The RSS feed promise from the 100 plus internet sites that used my RSS feed. You allow us to use your feed, and we will send you traffic. I considered this a reasonable request, however after five or more years, I am still waiting for the deluge of traffic.

“Troll, in Scandinavian mythology, a powerful giant that was an enemy of humans. Trolls lived in caves or in castles on hilltops, robbing and eating any travelers foolish enough to stray into their domain after dark.” (2)

I am having an identity crisis, if a person is to call themselves a writer, I would hope or expect they would labor over the use of words. Words are the written music, they resonate in a person mind, when words are correctly used, and they lead readers to a wonderful world.

Choosing words is an art form, there is justice in writing, and it only survives if people enjoy reading it. A writer glory is revealed when one person tells another they should read this or that.

I am happy to use this art form, however, to be true to myself, when I sit here in my writers stupor, trying to choose the proper words to be made into song, I just cannot use the words like “News,” or “Blog,” and even have trouble using the word “Travelogue.”

I would be negligent to call myself a writer, without the existence of a word battle within myself; I will continue to search for the correct word to describe what I do.

Today, I will call is a Daily Travel Journal, because I know it is not Travel News, it is not a Blog, it is not Articles, it is a collection of many things, I think the only word that truly defined it is “Journal,” although magazine is close.

I want to call is a diary, however the more I think about is, I am not going to let you folks read my diary.

Intellectually challenge, want a little more meat on your plate? Here is some interesting fodder to read:
Fair Use

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