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Words I Learn in Ethiopia

2009-03-07 23:41:00

Words I Learn in Ethiopia
If a person made a list of words closely associated with a country, then proceeded to study the words it would be a guidebook.

I have only been in Ethiopia for about 10 days. My two sources of good information are the Ethiopia people I meet and the Microsoft Encyclopedia.

There are words that are often repeated when a person enters a country, and like a child, I slowly learn these words. The Ethiopia people speak a language called Amharic; this word is confusing because they say “Ah-Mar-Ree,” and the spelling Amharic to me does not match.

The Amharic language written language looks like Arabic, it is all wiggles, jumbles and messes to me, and therefore there is much confusion in the transliteration.

Example of written Amharic Language of Ethiopia

I am learning Amharic words and I am learning words from Guidebook, Encyclopedia and from Readers. There is small competition between the words and phrases. I in turn observe repeated type of behavior or situations here in Ethiopia.

- This is a coffee shop culture
- Chat or Khat a large business here
- Landlocked country
- I am supposed to shake hands, bow, and touch shoulders to be polite.
- Food is served on thin piece of rubbery food and ate with hands.
- Tannery or leather is a big business
- Greenhouses - A girl was going to a Strawberry farm.

Gari - Horse Taxi
Abasha - Type of bread
Kaffee - Coffee a common social function here in Ethiopia
Orthodox - Religion people I am meeting here in Mojo, Ethiopia
Name - A curse word or word to avoid using in Amharic language maybe has something to do with sex in hotel.
Chat or Khat - A type of stem or soft plant that people eat to become slightly high.
Habasha - People from Ethiopia
Konjo - Pretty
Shamah - Candle
Foreinje - Foreigner

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Sunday, March 8, 2009
Travel Journal

Stelae or Stele - LP Guidebook and Encyclopedia - Large Stone like a totem pole.
Morsi - Tribe in south of Ethiopia that place plates in their lips.
Ark of Covenant - Gary G
Kingdom of Aksum - Jim G
Gonder - A city in north of Ethiopia
Coptic - A type of Christianity
Queen of Sheba

The journey into a country is like a child, I start by speaking baby talk, and one day I become an adult, the so-called land of understanding. I am a baby here in Ethiopia, I am sure childhood is the best time to enjoy a country, this is when the country is the most beautiful, the time before I know, truly ignorance is bliss.

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Words I Learn in Ethiopia