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What is the Name of Science of Research

2009-03-02 00:27:00

What is the Name of Science of Research
There is probably a name for people who study the methods and try to explain how to use the “Scientific Method.” There must be a few professors out there trying to explain how to do research in the field, I would love if they contacted me.

Researchers need to spend at least three months in any location before I would consider their work valid.

I have studied the Scientific Method and often try to understand how Scientist study the world. I however, believe there are problem when researchers go to Africa with their methods and procedures, I do not believe it possible they are adequate prepared or trained.

I believe only about 5 percent of Scientist who study Africa or does fieldwork that requires them to leave the University and travel to other locations have the ability to do this correctly. I think the other 95 percent are performing junk science; they fill in the blanks and write big long opinions that they then misrepresent as scientific study and facts.

“Scientific Method, term denoting the principles that guide scientific research and experimentation, and also the philosophic bases of those principles.”
- Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa
Monday, March 2, 2009
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I have traveled perpetually for over 11 years; I am great at collecting information and writing small stories about the information. If I observe something, I need to photograph it, take notes on the subject and then explain it very rapidly or I will forget. I also need to return to the subject and collect more information that was missing or lacking. This process needs to be done without interruption or there are extreme problems with my interpretation of reality.

I am aware of Scientist that goes to a location for two to three weeks to perform research, and then return to the University to use the data. I believe is highly suspect and reeks of junk science methodology.

I continually strive to create an environment where I can collect data and within hours transform it into a Blog post. Now, I am not normally doing any formal research whereby I am going to publish in journals. However, if I were going to do this, it would be incredibly difficult to do so accurately and without interruption.

Researchers need to spend at least three months in any location before I would consider their work valid.

I have brought with me Solar Panels and 12 Volt Electronic equipment so I can work in area of Africa where there is no electricity. The logistics, the equipment needed, the skills needed to do proper research cannot be learned at the University, it would take at least one year of field work before they would in my opinion have the ability to even venture to say they know how to do research, halfway write something they wish to call research.

I have observed travelers and tourist for years, they are so preoccupied with just eating, sleeping and transportation, seldom does one have the time to ponder, and research is out of the question. It takes about one month before they are familiar with the location whereby they are not over stimulated.

Pretty much, I am saying most scientific study in the field is just pure crap, hehehe….

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What is the Name of Science of Research