Video of Ethiopia Enjura Injera Food

Video of Ethiopia Enjura Injera Food
There is something basic and real about eating Enjura, a typical food of Ethiopia. I am in information overload; I have yet to learn a way to explain in photos, videos and words the numerous experiences that make up a country.

I am happy making videos has become easier, because even though I may not understand in words all of what I have seen or done, there is often a reader who can clarify and explain.

Awasa, Ethiopia
Three to Four Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Friday, March 13, 2009
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This is a platter or raw meat, the rolled up bread like food is called Enjura and no doubt I am spelling wrong, however this is how a local person wrote it.

Enjura is like rice, spaghetti, potatoes or bread to many countries, the Ethiopia people take the Enjura and use it to grab and eat the food. In many ways, it is a replacement for a spoon and fork.

This container of cooked beef is almost a great reason to live in the Family Club Hotel for 50 Birr. There is a beef shop in front of the Hotel, somehow you can purchase by the Kilo, Half-Kilo or Quarter Kilo the beef, and they then cook it and serve it with the Enjura Bread Substance and the Dedet Sauce. I rip off a piece of Enjura; grab a piece of cooked meet. I wrap the Enjura around the beef and then dip in the Didet sauce and I am prepared to eat.

I believe the word Hot in Amharic is Barabary. One quarter Kilo of cooked meat cost 15 Birr or about 1.50 US. Dollars, a very cheap meal.

Daily a few girls who live in the local area come to eat in the Family Club Hotel. Three girls invited me to sit and eat the meat. Two of the girls worked in the National Nightclub and the other works in the Ply Club just down the street from my Hotel.

The are enthusiastic women, truly interested in explaining the culture of Ethiopia. They invited me back to their house to have coffee and chat, have another video of the Ethiopia coffee ceremony.


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Video of Ethiopia Enjura Food