Tourist Map Problems Travel Tips

Tourist Map Problems Travel Tips
Tourist maps or maps from guidebooks help you to find tourist attractions; they do not show the travel difficulties of mountains and rivers well.

When you look at maps of countries, you need to find three to four types of maps, one is not sufficient. For educational purposes, I am going to show you three types of maps.

Compare Maps to understand a country quickly.

1. Guidebook Tourist and Road Map
2. Encarta Encyclopedia Comprehensive view
3. Encarta Encyclopedia Physical Features view

The maps of Lonely Planet are good. I opted to buy the Lonely Planet guidebook for Ethiopia on a PDF file; I am trying to read it on my computer. I am not able to just flip back and forth between maps and text, truly the book form is much better.

I am having trouble understanding how to travel in Ethiopia.

What caused the problem?

My vision of Ethiopia prior to coming here was from news reports of starving people in Ethiopia in the desert. When I think of Ethiopia, I think of deserts. I keep thinking this country is flat, and the guidebook map does not help…
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
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I will write a Travel Tips with the solution

The map from my PDF file of Lonely Planet Southern Ethiopia.

This is a tourist map. This is a road map. It does not show mountains and rivers well, and fails to show size of cities.

Problem, it is focused only on the tourist attractions.

WARNING - African guidebooks assume you are driving a car, I could get to one of these locations on the map and there may not be a Hotel, and normally the guidebook writers are on a budget five times higher than me.

Notice how there is mountains and rivers, however obscured by the cities and roads.

This is comprehensive view from the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia map; I 100 percent recommend a traveler have this program.
This is a wide view; I can zoom in right down to the specific areas of the map.

I can find the size of cities, the roads, names of cities, however much different from the guidebook. I cannot find tourist attractions; however, I can find reality better with this map, and not only what the guidebook writer considered important. I will read the articles for example and learn what they grow or manufacture in this country, it may not be interesting to tourist, and however it may be to me.

This is the Physical View on my Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia map of Ethiopia. Suddenly all the rivers, mountains and contours of the land stick out.

What have I finally learned about Ethiopia?

Addis, Ababa the biggest city is up on top of a mountain or plateau, when I go south I will descend into the Rift Valley, which leads towards Kenya. Traveling in Valleys is easier than traveling in Mountains and also warmer, being I only have one pair of long pants and many pairs of shorts this is important.

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Tourist Map Problems Travel Tips


I too, love maps... and for travel they are essential.

Therefore I have now created an entirely new form of map, one I promise you have not seen before. It's not earth shattering, for it covers only tiny sliver of the earth, roughly, but it's one part that is LOVED by so many people... the beach.

Our beach maps show all of the accommodations that are right-on-the-beach.... and hotel or bungalow with traffic between it and the water is OUT. We began with Thailand (since we live here) and Bali, but we also have the rest of the world.... so it's quite big.

We'd really love to have people help us get all of that info right. We have just gone live...

Tell us if you like this. And I suggest looking through the islands of Thailand, or Bali's beaches, first, to see the best parts.

John Everingham

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