RSS Versus Clogged Email Box

RSS Versus Clogged Email Box
Something, somewhere went terribly wrong.

Photo of saying on a t-shirt I purchased in Bangkok, Thailand.

I sat down and started to read all the comments against me removing the RSS feeds from these travel Missives. Many readers commented on their already clogged email box. I found this interesting and in many ways hilarious, I receive over 100 emails per day, and will the new email subscription system I will receive even more. If a person replies to these emails, I will personally receive the email; this is not a “No Reply Email.”

Awasa, Ethiopia
Three to Four Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Friday, March 13, 2009
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1. 15 Spam
2. 5 Personal from Friends
3. 5-10 Help Center from readers
4. 40 Submissions to
6. 5 Newsletters
7. 30 Google Alerts
8. 5-10,,
9. 5-10 Mixed up, notifications, statistics and miscellaneous.

Something, somewhere went terribly wrong.

Yes, this is my belief, the computer is a tool, like a hammer, it is meant to make life simpler, and in reality is has made the majority of normal peoples lives more complicated. My email box is not cluttered, it not clogged, and it is not full even though I daily receive from 100-150 emails.

Something, somewhere went terribly wrong when the best of the best have a clogged email box, I will stop here, no need be candid and elicit hate mail. The challenge my friends, is to manage our world, to use the computer to increase our free time, so we can do more and not less.

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I admit, I do not work very hard, however I am sure I work very effectively.

RSS Versus Clogged Email Box