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RSS Real Sucky System

2009-03-07 00:44:00

RSS Real Sucky System

I truly hate RSS feeds; I consider the whole system a way of screwing writers. I am 90 percent in favor of stopping the RSS feed to this Travel Journal and requiring readers to subscribe by email. If you wish to continue to receive this Travel Journal, I recommend you subscribe by email today.

There is one irrefutable absolute truth of world travel,
“you need money.”

Travelers need money.
A Hobo needs money.
A Tramp needs money.
A Bum needs money.

A Hobo is willing to work for money, tramps and bums are beggars.

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Saturday, March 7, 2009
Travel Journal

I have asked myself daily for 11 years now,
“how can I earn money for travel?”

There are hundreds of ways to go to work, earn money and live in other countries. There are very few ways of perpetually moving and earning money.

I owe the Internet and “Google Adsense” my “Hobo Travel Life“, these two entities have given me the opportunity to travel and earn money. However, all RSS feeds have ever given me is a way of working for nothing.

I am trying folks, however I am lost.
I can see how the RSS Feed system helps you.
I cannot see how the RSS Feed system helps me?

It does not make me money; it is a cruel joke, a way for other internet sites to get free content and me to work for nothing.

The RSS Feed is a Real Sucky System, if you told me I had to make money by getting people to Bookmark my site, I would say,
“I give up.”

I consider RSS feeds the same as a Bookmark, yes, I appreciate you when you bookmark this site, however I need to pay my Hotel bill today.

Yes, I am angry; I am tired of the world devising selfish ways to take money from nice people.

Do you want to see truly what the world has become, do you want to see true corruption of the human spirit, and then come to Ethiopia? This country has tons of white people over here that take your donations and go drink beer and give you nothing in return.

I do not want to be clever to make money, I just want to work hard and make money.

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RSS Real Sucky System