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RSS Feeds is Being Removed

2009-03-09 00:38:00

RSS Feeds is Being Removed

If you are reading the “Andy Travel Journal” with the use of a RSS feed, you need to subscribe by email to continue reading.

Click here to go the online Blog, there is a subscribe box in the right hand side of the page. Travel Journal

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Monday, March 09, 2009
Travel Journal

I apologize to readers who read my daily Travel Journal by using the RSS feed.

My goal is to have 40,000 daily readers of the Travel Journal, the RSS feed is in direct conflict with the achievement of this goal.

I do not expect you to understand. However, please have trust that I am doing this so that can continue to thrive as a business. As a business owner, I must do what is best for the company. I must continue to make enough money to travel, two dedicated servers, Boy Genius in India and other workers. It is my responsibility to make choices to guide the site into the future.

RSS Feeds is Being Removed