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Plans to Leave Addis Ababa Wednesday

2009-03-02 00:28:00

Plans to Leave Addis Ababa Wednesday
British Airlines or maybe BMI lost my one Backpack; I now have it in my possession without too much damage. Inside the bag was the Lonely Planet East Africa, therefore it was a little difficult to plan how to enter Kenya until I had this book.

I am going to make small test run to a place called Mojo, Ethiopia about one hour south of Addis, Ababa to learn about transportation, Banks, Hotels and Internet Cafes because the Lonely Planet Ethiopia is almost worthless on these issues.

I am planning to drift down the country of Ethiopia by going about one to hours per trip and staying about two to five days per city. Now, I am trying to decide which cities on the maps I have are really cities big enough to have hotels.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa
Monday, March 2, 2009
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About the same as West Africa, the guidebook writers obviously are driving around in Cars or 4-wheel drives and truly do not explain the necessities well. need to know if there are any ATM machines from Addis Ababa to Kenya, or do I need to stock up enough money to make the whole distance? I would like to know about Internet cafes.

I think the writers are from the dark ages of backpacker travel, they seem to all carry traveler’s checks and write letters home. Then again Lonely Planet seems to have stopped updating books.

My instincts are telling me these East African countries about five times easier to Travel than West Africa. Safari this and Safari that means there are some truly silly tourists wandering around. There are not many tourists in West Africa in countries like Togo, Benin, Niger, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali.

My standard belief in Africa is the ATM machines are in the biggest city almost for sure and after that, I need to be careful. My standard belief is most Africa has Internet Cafes in the moderate size cities throughout all the countries.

I am anxious to get to Kenya to test out my Blackberry; I want to see if I can Blog over it, this would make wandering around Africa a breeze.

Plans to Leave Addis Ababa Wednesday