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2009-03-11 06:58:00 Shut Me Off in Ethiopia
I went to pay Boy Genius with here in Ethiopia and the system shut off, it will not function. appears to have registered that my Internet computer IP address was from Ethiopia. It made the decision that this was impossible and cancelled the transaction.

This happened in Cambodia a few years ago and it truly an annoying thing to happen.

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Travel Journal

I now have to perform five evaluation functions to prove or demonstrate that the account has not been compromise or accessed by criminals.

It is a computer bureaucracy and lacking in people, I am dealing with a computer algorithm that demands I live in the USA or it does not want to work unless I can prove I am in the USA. The machine is going to call my parent house in the USA and I must pick up immediately. How am I supposed to pick up the telephone in the USA when I am in Ethiopia traveling? I now have to call my Parents and tell them, is going to call you in 2 minutes, please answer and pretend you are me.

I do not know, I think you have to lie to computers, there is no way a computer can understand the truth and real people are too stupid. Truly, a catch 22, if you think about it, if I said Ethiopia to a person from the USA, they probably would think I was in Europe.

If the phone were picked up, it would probably be answered by someone in India who knows less about the world than an American does. The Europeans are just as stupid; however, Africans invade them while Latinos or Mexicans invade America.

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